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You Know My Steez

Andrew Unterberger is a third-year student at NYU that undoubtedly has way more spare time than you do.

4 Responses to “You Know My Steez”

  1. don't said

    oh my god thank you so much for naming this after wayne’s world.

  2. Stephe said


    Axl said it was all we need.

    It’s true, we here at Heroes of Popular Wars Inc. ask patience of our listeners. Guilty as charged. It’s one of our experiments. You might say we’re books over magazines people – not that magazines aren’t great (we even subscribe to a few) – it’s just that because most music these days is of the magazine sort, it makes sense that there would be a group of people hoping to find some music that is patient, that takes its time and is confident enough to get to the point when its ready.

    Obviously we also would like to play some gigs.
    We’re two musicians, a video artist and a MFA candidate at Pratt who live in Brooklyn NY, trying to make gauzy but hooky, electro-acoustic music. We improv a lot (with computers and sequencers, yo!), mix choruses with dance-y beats, use found sound collages and processed-to-the-hilt guitars and try to use volume and noise as well as notes to move people and and we’ve been best friends for a decade making our own separate art projects.

    Often, we feel it’s necessary to draw the songs out to fully explore the dynamic qualities that are in our jams. You’ll often find a 2 minute pop song surrounded by jams on both the intro and the outro. I guess that’s how we do.
    Originally, Heroes started off as an experiment – two guys, two suits, an acoustic guitar, a Sony Playstation MTV DJ game and a 45 minute set of improvised beats and songs, eventually the experiment organically turned into a full band with drums and analog synths. We’re hopefully getting better as producers, recorders and mixers and as long as we control the rights to our music, it will always be “pay what you will”.

    We’ve been compared to Eno/Roxy/David Sylvain (probably because we dress sharp), My Bloody Valentine, Catherine Wheel and Tin Machine (by blogs from the US, the UK and Germany) and we’ll take it but we hope people see that we work hard at being our own thing as well.

    We just finished a new single and video (available for download on our various sites). Here is a zip of the files, a photo and short bio

    as well as a link to the video

    We also have a few pages:


    Hopefully, if you like the music and feel like you want to book us, great, if not, that’s cool too, we appreciate you even taking the time to listen.
    Take care,

    Steve hopw

  3. remistevens said

    hey Andrew, enjoying your blog. Want to exchange links on our blogrolls?

  4. […] at all. There is however another section for information about the author that he apparently titled You Know My Steez┬áthat says “Andrew Unterberger is a third-year student at NYU that undoubtedly has way more […]

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