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The Rules

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on January 15, 2007

I’ve put off creating a blog for a long time, mainly because I was afraid of it eventually devolving into a twice-a-month “oh yeah, that thing, I should probably post there more” nuisance or a self-indulgent diary. So with that in mind, I take inspiration (as I do in most matters of extreme importance) from The Transporter and post the three core rules I intend to abide by with this blog.

Rule #1: I will make at least one post to this blog a day. If I ever go two days in a row without posting, or miss more than two days in one month, I will immediately dissolve the blog. This is of course subject to flexibility in the event that I should be somewhere without a computer for more than a day.

Rule #2: I will not post any personal information or reports of my goings on unless it is in some way pop culture related. However, I will allow for the possibility that there should be breaking information so relevant to my life that I can not help but post it here, in which case I will permit myself three posts of personal self-indulgence a year. These will be known as “Meltdown Posts” and will be explicitly labelled as such so they can be avoided by those understandably not interested in such matters.

Rule #3: Never open the package.

-Andrew Unterberger

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