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One Year, 50 Pop Cultures: Intro & #50-46

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on January 16, 2010

All right, so I probably couldn’t let the 2009 year-end festivities pass by completely without doing some kind of big best-of celebration. Unfortunately, due to burnout over my last recently-finished Top 100 article and my struggles in coming up with a solid core of 100 for this one, I’d put off doing it to basically the last possible minute. But as I was telling my friend recently, year-end festivities work like birthdays–you get up to a full month afterwards to properly celebrate, after which point the statute of limitations is most certainly up and you just gotta wait until next year. So I figure I have until February 1st to make good on this one, and nobody can really give me shit for it until I pass that sell-by date. Plus, admit it–you’ve got an unfillable void in your soul from the last big list being over, don’t you? I know, I know. It’s OK.

However, unlike last year, I just couldn’t make it to 100 this time around. Mostly, I blame it on missing out on this year’s crop of movies–I never got around to my late-year cineplex sweep, and I’ve seen maybe 15 all year, at least one of which was the completely useless Public Enemies. So to make up for it in a top 100, it’d be a lot of just listing pop songs I liked a little bit. No need to stretch things to a weak 100, though, when I can just hammer it out with an across-the-board strong Top 50, which actually gives me a slim chance of finishing this bad boy on deadline in the process, right? I knew you’d understand.

That said, I did still come up with a 100 items that were vaguely list-worthy, so in alphabetical order, here’s the list of 50 things that didn’t quite make the cut, with the appropriate YouTube Links:

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