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Don’t You Forget About Me: The True Leader of “Who Dat?” Nation

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on February 2, 2010

With all the controversy over who it is that legally possesses the rights to the “Who Dat?” phrase that has become positively omnipresent in the Saints’ recent playoff run, let’s none of us forget who it is that truly owns the phrase. Sure, he might technically have been Florida-based (though I would’ve sworn he was part of Juvenile’s clan at one point–maybe not), but no one has ever invigorated the two words with more swagger, intensity, and likely drug-fueled paranoia as one JT Money. If he doesn’t get an invite to Miami–hell, for all I know, he already lives down the corner–to get the Saints fans amped before Super Bowl XXXIV, something’s seriously fucked up with the NFL. I mean, we all know how much Drew Brees loves pre-game adrenalizing–how fired up would he get leading the Saints in a good, old-fashioned “WHO DAT WHO DAT WHO DAT TRYIN’ TA GET UP IN MA CREW?!?!?!?” chant? You’re not gonna get that shit playing “Magic Bus,” I’ll tell you that much.

Love that Face/Off-aping video, too. 1999, where you at??

One Response to “Don’t You Forget About Me: The True Leader of “Who Dat?” Nation”

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