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A Brief List: People Who Are Not Funny

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 17, 2009



Poehler, Amy

7 Responses to “A Brief List: People Who Are Not Funny”

  1. joe said

    nuff said. i agree. the best thing i can say about her is that she was on Upright Citizens Brigade – not that she contributed much.

  2. Sam Skeen said

    Her new show has all the cringe-worthy awkward moments of the office with none of the humor.

    I agree man…not funny.

  3. Anton said

    ouch dude.

    that other chick on the show is pretty hot though.

  4. goathair said

    She founded UCB.

  5. Jack said

    The worst part is that since they’re married, she’s going to be in everything else that Will Arnett ever does.

  6. Garret said

    Maybe she’ll do a movie with Leslie Mann.

  7. ouch. She did some funny stuff on SNL (rockin one leg) but I will admit that this new show is just not good.

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