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OMGWTFLOL: Jamie Foxx f/ T-Pain – “Blame It” (Video)

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 2, 2009

Of all of my tired lamentations, the death of the Event Video might be my biggest. It makes sense–in a day and age where small-budget YouTube wonders like OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again” are the only videos that make much cultural impact, and when vids are only shown at all on the major video networks at the most ungodly of hours, it simply doesn’t make sense to invest half a million dollars and weeks’ worth of shoot time into a four-minute clip. Perhaps in these ravaged economic times, it’s not even socially responsible to drop the countless thousands that Puff Daddy could afford to throw into his clips in more arrogant days. Still, I can’t help miss those ridiculous, over-stuffed, cameo-strewn vids of yesteryear–even the most obnoxious, least purposeful of them were still guaranteed to put a smile on my face, and at least made me feel like the artists cared almost as much about the power of the medium as I did.

So when I saw those three words–“Hype Williams Presents”–at the start of Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It” video, my heart skipped a beat. Nobody did the Event Video back in the day like Hype, and even his least ambitious clips still had panoramic landscapes and puffy suits and lots of slow motion shots and such. Then the list of stars. Forest Whitaker. Jake Gyllenhaal. Samuel L. Jackson. RON HOWARD. What the fuck was going on with this video? Not even “Victory“–the very peak of Puffy’s bloated egomania–boasted a cast like this. I started imagining possible plots in my head–I figured the most likely one, considering the setting and song subject, was the old “Young, cocky R&B singer seduces the hot vixen girlfriend of old, powerful mob boss/club owner and escapes with the girl within inches of his life” standby. Foxx would be the singer, of course. Whitaker would be the boss, with Howard his consigliere or second-in-command. Gyllenhaal would be the best friend, who warns the singer “naw man, she ain’t worth it, don’t even think about it, listen to me your best friend,” etc. Jackson would get involved in a knife fight somehow. Whatever it was, I couldn’t wait for it all to unfold.

But…it never unfolded. They get to the club, Foxx starts singing and fooling around with some girls, everyone appears to be having a good time…and that’s the extent of the video’s drama. Two girls are about to kiss, and then don’t. Howard lifts a glass to the camera to say, “Yes, I am an old white person in a Jamie Foxx and T-Pain video.” Some guy messes around in a panda suit for the majority of the video, and then lifts his costume head off to reveal that it is, in fact…DL Hughley? Foxx himself? I can’t really tell, to be honest. All in all, it’s nothing more than a combination between a Dimly Lit Club Video and a Famous Friends video–not that there’s anything wrong with either of those classic formulas, but…this video had a credit sequence. Your video is simply not allowed to have a fucking CREDIT SEQUENCE unless it’s going to be at least seven minutes long, begin and end with corny dialogue segments, and have at least one sequence where the music changes and everyone has a synchronized dance number. This video had none of these things, thus making it an unequivocal failure–and a heartbreaking one, at that.

Maybe after watching it a couple more times, I’ll be able to better appreciate the comedic absurdity of the whole venture. For now, though, it feels like a bad April Fools’ Day trick.

One Response to “OMGWTFLOL: Jamie Foxx f/ T-Pain – “Blame It” (Video)”

  1. Anton said

    dude didn’t you see the alternate version?

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