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Commercial Break/OMGWTFLOL: The Freak and His Freaky Doppleganger Ad

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on March 9, 2009

Does this commercial seem more like the trailer to an upcoming dystopian sci-fi flick than a spot for a new sports video game to anyone else? Everything about it I find unsettling, from the way Timmy uses “we” at the start of all of his sentences like a 1984 officer (or one of those weirdo twins from The Matrix Reloaded), to the way the CGI Lincecum sings along to the radio, to that odd bit with the showering at the very end (especially strange because both Tim and his doppleganger still look like they’re 14 years old). I do like The Freak, even if he looks like he should be auditioning for the Chris Marquette role in The Girl Next Door 2, and I generally support his jump to the TV commercial format, but this is just a little too out there for my tastes.

Besides, everyone knows that if you absolutely have to make fun of Wang Chung, you use “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.” Calling out a classic like “Dance Hall Days” is just unfair and lazy.


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