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OMGWTFLOL: The Firm – “Star Trekkin'” (1987)

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on February 25, 2009

I finally saw my (work-mandated) first ever episode of anything Star Trek related when I watched an episode of The Next Generation last Friday. It was OK, but it bore remarkably little semblance to my primary exposure to the Trek universe beforehand:

Arguably just as preposterous and funny-looking, but not as jarringly enthusiastic, spine-tinglingly shrill or horrifyingly hallucinogenic as I had been led to believe.

6 Responses to “OMGWTFLOL: The Firm – “Star Trekkin'” (1987)”

  1. Garret said

    I own this song on a compact disc, true story.

  2. Garret said

    Wasn’t Jimmy Page in this band.

  3. Ken said

    No, that was a different Firm.

  4. Brian said

    I’ll have you know this has been in my head for the past 24 hours. Thanks…

  5. Mitchell Stirling said

    Ha ha ha!

    We need to do that number one thing, might try and get a playlist on Spotify (hopefully you guys will be allowed on there soon)

  6. Mitchell Stirling said

    One of my earliest memories is the summer this came out and having to do the dance at the kids disco on holiday.

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