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Blog Hiatus: Today is the Day

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on November 4, 2008

Hey, there migth be some more important things going on today than writing about pop culture. And if you don’t buy that, the Suns and Nets are playing tonight, and you know what that means–Lopez vs. Lopez ’08, Round 1!

In any event, today has already been like this:

And hopefully tonight will feel something like this:

Or maybe a little like this:

But at the very least, something like this:

The future awaits us, IITS.

3 Responses to “Blog Hiatus: Today is the Day”

  1. Garret said

    Ha, I was walking around Chicago listening to ‘Screamadelica’ last night. Definitely made me feel like I was in a music video. If I had grabbed random guys off the street and started mouthing the words, they probably would have just went along with it. At least, that’s what I like to believe.

  2. Joe said

    I had an insatiable urge to hear “Slip Inside This House” on Monday and listened to Screamadelica in the car on the way to work. I wasn’t looking for pre-election day “positive vibes” music but I guess it worked out that way.

  3. Lisa B said

    Actually, you know that radio show I like to listen to in the mornings… On Wednesday, the DJ started off his set, without any lead-in, with “Today.” He also played Primal Scream a bit later (the song was “Movin’ On Up” though). It was actually a great set… lots of optimistic, good-mood kind of stuff, though he didn’t make any overt commentary himself. Skills.

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