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Take Five: Pictures of Samantha Ronson Wearing a Stupid Hat and Flashing a Peace Sign

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on September 24, 2008

Does this look like a woman you’d flip your sexuality for?

14 Responses to “Take Five: Pictures of Samantha Ronson Wearing a Stupid Hat and Flashing a Peace Sign”

  1. Sonja said




  2. Victor said

    I’d go pansexual for a piece of that fugly hatted, peace signing action.

  3. MBI said

  4. If she had brown hair and shitty John Lennon shades, she’d look just like Liam Gallagher.

  5. Garret said

    Is this the girl who played Draco Malfoy?

  6. Mitchell Stirling said

    That’s the wrong way for a peace sign (in the UK), that’s flicking the V’s.

  7. Khloe said


  8. Amanda said

    lol, i would, shes totally hot

  9. briney said

    she looks like a mea

  10. briney said

    i ment she looks like a man. lol

  11. Sophia said

    I’m completely straight but even I know lindsey is too good looking for her!! C’mon she doesn’t even look like a handsome dude!!!

    • Jandra said

      Ronson wasn’t going (and doesn’t go in general) for the “handsome dude” look and obviously Lindsay wasn’t looking for that in a relationship either.

  12. Yea, that’s kind of her thing. BOTH stupid hats AND the peace sign. But hey, when you wear a hat, you don’t have to do anything to your hair (which would appear to be her rationale).

  13. Diana said

    YUp she looks like draco malfoy in Harry Potter film

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