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Seen Your Video: Josh Homme Heatin’ Up

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on June 27, 2008

Do you believe it in your head?

So apparently Josh Homme was upset at some people throwing things at him in Northern Europe, and drew heat from some corners for his arguably homophobic remarks and from other corners for his inarguably idiotic remarks. I’m a week or so behind on this one (surprise), but I can’t let an exemplary musician on-stage rant like this go without making at least a couple of notes:

  • I guess it says something for the progress of sexuality equality that even Oslo isn’t far away enough for potential bigots to get away with publicly calling someone a “faggot”. Soon enough, homophobia is going to be like smoking pot, with wanna-be bigots like Isaiah Washington and Tim Hardaway having to go to specific corners of distant continents to be able to practice in public without fear of reprisal.
  • I do think it is somewhat ironic, however, that a guy that named his band “Queens of the Stone Age” specifically because the name “Kings” sounded too masculine should come under fire for homophobia. I mean, it doesn’t exactly make him as bulletproof as if he had regularly made out with Dave Grohl on stage, but for a metal band, I’d have to say that that the name thing alone already pegs him as a fairly progressive dude.
  • By referring to himself as “Mr. Missundastood” in his apology / letter of defense, is Homme trying to curry favor by referring to one of the funniest-titled albums in history? If so, cheers, but everyone knows that it’s spelled with an exclamation mark instead of an “i” and a “z” instead of a third “s.” C’mon Josh, do your homework.
  • I think what’s underrated in this rant here is the foresight Homme shows by specifically pointing out how sick he is (102 degrees–pretty sick!) while he’s making his rant. “I had a fever” is generally a better excuse for irrationally asshole-ish behavior than “I was drunk”–it puts things more out of your hands, and doesn’t make you seem like a deranged alcoholic in the process. And saying you’re sick while in the process of ranting means it doesn’t sound like a shabby after-the-fact explanation afterwards. If Mel Gibson had just said “I’m coming down with the flu, sugartits!” his situation would’ve been a lot more sympathetic, no?
  • Apparently the last time Homme landed in hot water, for getting into a bar fight with Dwarves lead singer Blag Dahlia (possibly over the “Takeover”-worthy lyric: “This one goes out to Queens of the Trust-Fund, you slept on my floor, now I’m sleeping through your motherfuckin’ records”), Homme got a reduced sentence by letting the LAPD use “Feel Good Hit of the Fall” in anti-drunk driving films. So does that mean that Afroman (it all comes back to Afroman) essentially has a get-out-of-jail-free card in case he ever gets busted for anything? Pretty sweet deal.
  • So does everyone speak English in Norway, then? Is it possible that the audience just thought Homme was making some empty “WHO WANTS TO GET ROKKKKED?!?!??!” type stage banter? Or do they just think that “GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP HERE! YOU’RE SO STUPID THAT YOU’LL ACTUALLY COME UP HERE!!!! LIFT HIM UP SO I CAN KICK HIM IN THE FUCKING FACE!!” is what passes for stage banter in these crude United States? Cultural studies potential.
  • “Little Sister.” that was a pretty good song, huh?

5 Responses to “Seen Your Video: Josh Homme Heatin’ Up”

  1. Jack said

    He was probably drunk or high as well as sick (knowing Homme, all three is a possibility). This actually isn’t the first time he’s ranted to a crowd, either – on their (official) live album (yeah, I’m a fan) he calls a dude in the front row a “cocksmoker.” I can’t find the track now but it’s one of the funnier moments on the album.

  2. Jack said

    Wait, here it is on youtube:

  3. intensities said

    Wow, I never thought about what a generally underused word “cocksmoker” is until that clip

  4. Mitchell Stirling said

    I was at a gig in Oslo this year and almost everyone in the, admittedly small, crowd laughed a joke which had the punchline hermaphrodite.

  5. Jack said

    Kid deserved it. Don’t throw things at the band, unless you’re a chick, you’re hot, and it’s your bra or underwear. If you don’t fall into that category then, yes, you absolutely deserve a beating. Pretty simple. If you can’t control your little 12 year old self any better than to throw shite at the band then, yes, you should be kicked in the head, then kicked the F out. Ask Dave Grohl how he feels about getting pelted with Mentos all night. While he’s admittedly a bit more polite about it, I guarantee he’s thinking, “I wish someone would kick that kid’s arse, like, right now so I can see it.”

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