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IITS Standing Offer / Commercial Break: “Hey Brad…Not Brad” .gif

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 25, 2008

This is gonna be fun…

Some of my more attentive readers may remember the time I offered $20 to whoever was willing to make me a .gif of the “Rip Things in Half” guy from the Dunkin Donuts commercial. Well, nearly a year later, there is once again a figure in televisual advertising that demands such treatment. If those four words up there in the post’s title automatically strike fear into the very pit of your heart, you’ll understand what I mean, and if not…probably best to navigate away from this page immediately and forget that I ever mentioned anything about it, for your soul will be far more restful without having those four words forever stuck in it.

Anyway, point is, I’m putting up the cash once more, so if you have a few seconds and a semi-decent grasp of web technology on your hands, do me and yourself a favor and make a .gif of that damn woman as she says the titular phrase, with the words appearing (two at a time, of course) on the screen as she says them. And since last time the person who actually ended up making me thing found my offer of $20 insultingly high, good news: this time I’m only offering $15. So I say to you, loyal IITS readers–get on that shit.

(By the way, the only thing more annoying than these Verizon commercials where Networks follow annoying people while they brag about how much they’re going to talk on their phones (??) — the AT&T commercials where the embodiements of peoples’ cell phones explain to you why their owners won’t be answering the calls. How innovative! How edgy! How brilliant of them to bring the word “dillweed” back into the popular vernacular! Has there ever been a good cell phone commercial?)

3 Responses to “IITS Standing Offer / Commercial Break: “Hey Brad…Not Brad” .gif”

  1. Greg said

    “idk my bff Jill” and the sequel with Rose were good cellphone commercials, but definitely an anomaly. The rhythm in which the person speaks and the low bumbling music in the “Hey Brad” commercial are so infectious. That plus they play it so much makes it the most irritating commercial in a while. But I can never turn it off.

  2. remistevens said

    good god, haven’t seen that one yet. . .now i wish i was dead.

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