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Charts on Fire: 02-07-08

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on February 8, 2008






Hey, this new blog definitely has its advantages. Week six for T-Pain and the guy with the funny name, though at least we’ve got some movement in the top five now, with Alicia Keys finally relinquishing the number two slot, sliding to #5, the lowest it’s been in ages and still at least 95 slots too high. Chris Brown is up to #2 with the tremendously unexciting “With You,” but at least Rihanna is right behind him with the surprisingly delectable “Don’t Stop the Music” at #3.

The big story of this week, I suppose, is the arrival of Yael Naim in the top ten, making her chart debut at #8 with “New Soul.” Now if you’re like me, you’re wondering “Who the hell is Yael Naim, and how did she manage to hack the Billboard database?” Naim’s chart credentials are legit, however, and come courtesy of a MacBook Air ad that much of America obviously found significantly more memorable than I did. The song is not exactly great–it makes “1,2,3,4” sound like “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by comparison–but hey, at least I can listen to it without picturing the super-creepy stare of Sara Bareilles in my head (who, by the way, has shanghai’d the #6 spot this week–wtf, SWFs?)

Buckcherry looks to officially have the “Lips of an Angel” of 2008 (can you believe it’s been two years already??) with “Sorry,” currently only a spot out of the top ten. Almost as surprising is the success of Webbie’s “Independent,” now three slots away from being southern rap’s first ever top-ten hit about female empowerment, much less one taken from the male perspective. Rounding out the WTFness of the Top 20 is Miley Cyrus, at #17 with the surprisingly decent “See You Again.” Remember Hillary Duff’s underrated ’05 hit “Wake Up”? It’s kinda like that. Ignore that it’s being done by a 15-year-old (or don’t, I suppose, depending) and it’s actually something of a banger.

Not too much else of note in the top half of the charts this week. Lupe’s “Superstar” is up a bunch to #25, Jordin Sparks has a second single in the top 50 with her Chris Brown duet “No Air” (fuck both of ’em, really, #42), someone named Gary Allan is “Watching Airplanes” at #44, and that boring new Carrie Underwood single that isn’t about ex-girlfriend vigilanteism is at #47 (by the way, how the hell has NO ONE made a response song to that yet? “Maybe next time she’ll think before she FUCKS WITH MY GODDAMN CAR”) The Jonas Brothers are at #50 with super-ballad “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” which is as overwrought and uninteresting as “S.O.S.” was short and sweet. Hey, at least they got range.

Juno re-concedes the #1 slot on the album charts to Ms. Keys this week, though no doubt the appearance of the movie’s new video game will boost sales again in time. Interesting new on to the Modern Rock charts this week–Foxboro Hot Tubs’ “Mother Mary.” If you’ve never heard of ’em, like I hadn’t, give it a listen, and then read the Wiki page. It’ll be mad illuminating.

2 Responses to “Charts on Fire: 02-07-08”

  1. chewie said

    I always look forward to your Charts on Fire posts, AU, but i think one of your links is messed up. the link to mylie cyrus is in fact to that yael naim song. just wanted to pass that along. great blog, bro-bro. go giants.

  2. fucknoir said

    hey andrew – whatever happened to 100 years, 100 songs? don’t leave us hanging!

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