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Don’t You Forget About Me: Peter Wolf – “Lights Out”

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on November 9, 2007

Dance all night to the radio of love

Don’t have time today for a full entry or anything, but I figured I’d at least take the time to give a shoutout to my new favorite VH1 Classic discovery. The only time I’d even heard of “Lights Out” before was when All Music head honcho Stephen Thomas Erlewine bemoaned its exclusion from the Rhino 80s box, which at the time just made me go “complaining about no solo stuff from the J. Geils Band guy? STE, you dun gone crrrr-aaaaaazy!” But he was right, just like he is about everything–song is so insanely catchy that I was singing along before I was even done my first listen. Worthy company for “Centerfold” and “Freeze Frame”. And how about that lower-left-hand-corner Rolling Stone headline? Or the fact that it put Peter Wolf on the cover at all?


One Response to “Don’t You Forget About Me: Peter Wolf – “Lights Out””

  1. billy said

    1. “Come as You Are” is a phenomenal Peter Wolf track you need to hear.

    2. Your other left.

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