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OMGWTFLOL: The Alvin and the Chipmunks Trailer

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on August 20, 2007

The world ain’t ready

So this one is a long time coming, and possibly past the point of relevancy, but I couldn’t let this go by completerly without saying something, and what the hell else am I gonna write about at four in the morning anyway. I saw this trailer for the upcoming Alvin & the Chipmunks movie before The Simpsons Movie a few weeks ago, and I feel like ten years from now, I’ll remember pretty much nothing from the none-too-impressive Simpsons flick, but I’ll be able to recall my horror at this particular trailer with alarming clarity. I’ll never be quite able to properly describe just how weird and unsettling I found these 78 seconds of film, but here’s the rap sheet, more or less:

  • All this “they defined a generation, but now THEY’RE BACK!” business–huh? Aside from James Bond, George Carlin and the hideousness of the Rolling Stones, there is perhaps no greater constant in the last half-century of pop culture than Alvin and the Chipmunks. I grew up on the late-80s Chipmunk show, just like kids a generation before me were probably weaned on their 70s TV specials and/or Chipmunk Punk and my parents were raised with “Witch Doctor” and the original show. Bullshit.
  • In any event, if they are trying to stage a comeback and show how modern they are to contemporary audiences, couldn’t they choose a little better of an intro song than “Funky Town”? Nothing screams Youth of America like a disco one-hit wonder from 1980, I guess. Plus, Pseudo Echo beat them to it by like 20 years.
  • Does Jason Lee really need this? You’d think being the protagonist of a hit sitcom would generally encourage an ex-indie star like Lee to use his newfound success to make possible more personal projects, but, uh, not so. Unless he’s just getting really nostalgic for the Chipmunk bedspread he had when he was six, this seems like a strange time for him to being whoring himself out to the highest bidder. Sadly, this would still probably be the most boast-worthy recent accomplishment anyone would have to brag about at the yearly Mallrats reunion.
  • Say what you will about gross-out comedies like Freddy Got Fingered or Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj, but I’m pretty sure no one actually ate shit in the previews–animal shit, no less. This is supposed to be a kids movie, no? Would your first reaction to a scene of talking, animated chipmunks eating each others’ feces be “Wow, this movie would be great for my five-year-old!” I can’t believe it got past the censors, or the filmmakers for that matter. Sick, sick, sick.
  • Even creepier, doesn’t the shit-eating scene sort of imply that Alvin is the cruel, dictatorial ringleader of his group/family? He immediately jumps in to answer the question Dave directly asks to Theodore, and then once Dave leaves, he harshly reprimands Theodore for his weakness, whose only response is to squeak in shame. In fact, neither other Chipmunk has a single line in this preview, or for all I know, maybe the whole movie. I mean, I guess that was always the subtext, what with Alvin even getting separate billing (even the picture above is sort of unnerving in its implications), but I’ve never seen it play out quite so explicity.
  • The shit-eating joke is pretty much the only joke in the entire preview. The A&TCs producesr are really putting all their eggs in one poop-munching basket here, so confident in the power of their crap-consuming gag that they doesn’t even feel the need to augment it with other hooks. Ballsy move, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.

5 Responses to “OMGWTFLOL: The Alvin and the Chipmunks Trailer”

  1. Al said

    My thought (read: hope) is that Jason Lee was somehow contractually committed to doing this after he was given other opportunities. But, you know, Bill Murray did TWO Garfields so maybe it really was just a matter of a huge paycheck. I actually felt a little of my soul die during this trailer.

  2. anton said

    I bet the “Bill Murray did Garfield, and the Chipmunks are even cooler” thought definitely passed through Lee’s head. Props to Al for the thought.

    Alvin was totally always the dictator. He was the Edd of Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy (don’t worry, I don’t think the two shows are of comparable quality). He was always getting his brothers into his messes. If SNL did a stupid skit about them all grown-up, it would be Simon telling Alvin off for getting into Heroin and taking poor credulous Theodore with him, and blaming him for the latter’s OD. Come to think of it, there probably will be some scene in the movie where Simon tells Alvin off for being a jerk, and Theodore gets weepy. I’m $5 sure of it.

    That shit eating thing was very strange. Still holding out on it being something else. Can’t imagine what. Or maybe it’ll be one of those scenes they put in the trailer but not in the movie. Still would be a little disturbing it exists at all. Almost like fetishistic slash dot except that it was actually made into film.

    “Poop-munching basket” is almost internet meme worthy.

  3. Tal said

    Best…blog post…ever…


  4. Millie said

    I haven’t laughed like this in awhile. You are gifted blogger!

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