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TEST YOUR MIGHT! Quiz #3: Punk Goes to the Movies

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on August 18, 2007

So, mad props to Christopher Argento and Mitchell Stirling, both of whom scored a very impressive 19/20 on last week’s Sopranos quiz (interesting, both missing the same question–it’s eggs that are the harbinger of death throughout much of the series). Once again, I have no specific prizes yet, but if they have a request, the doors of IITS remain open to them.

Doing a little medium cross-breeding with this week’s quiz–all questions are about punk rock as it applies to modern cinema. Answers taken til Monday, and answers to last week’s of course at the end of this quiz.

1. What real-life punk band plays a a punk gang named “Street Scum” in Martin Scorsese’s 1983 movie The King of Comedy?

2. What 1981 documentary by Penelope Spheeris focused on Black Flag, X, The Germs, and other bands from the L.A. punk scene, followed a few years later by a sequel featuring L.A. metal bands?

3. What 2007 film features the band Green Day performing the movie’s title theme?

4. What future rock star had an early acting role as Nancy Spungen’s best friend in Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy?

5. What two real-life punk/underground rock figures have a conversation at a bar in which they both point out the other one’s absence on the bar’s jukebox in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee & Cigarettes?

6. What punk band covers “I Wanna Be Sedated” at the school dance in late-90s death comedy Idle Hands?

7. Matthew Lillard’s protagonist character in SLC Punk! shares his name with what reality TV figure?

8. In 24 Hour Party People, Tony Wilson relates a fictional account of how his first wife Lindsey cheated on him with what Manchester punk?

9. The Circle Jerks, The Untouchables, and LA radio personality Rodney Bingenheimer all have cameos in what 1984 cult comedy?

10. What ska-punk revivalists appear as the band that plays the club at Cher and Elton’s first date in Clueless?

11. What actor had a relatively early role as the journalist doing research for a piece on missing glam-rock idol Brian Slade, which provides the framing for Todd Haynes’ Velvet Goldmine?

12. Instrument was a documentary by Jem Cohen assembling ten years of footage about what late 80s and 90s punk band?

13. What indie rock band plays an anonymous but obviously Velvet Underground-esque Factory band in the movie I Shot Andy Warhol?

14. What three bands provide the focus for the grunge-era tour documentary 1991: The Year Punk Broke?

15. Dee Dee Ramone was such a failure of an actor that his lines in Rock and Roll High School were cut to two, both about what subject?


And now last week’s answers:

1. A group of what type of animal shows up in Tony’s backyard in the series premiere, the departure of which arguably triggers his first panic attack? (Ducks)
2. Dr. Melfi’s own personal therapist, Dr. Eliot Kupferberg, is played by what filmmaker, best known for his 70s work? (Peter Bogdonavich)
3. What time of day does Christopher tell Paulie he was given as a message from Brendan Filone and Mikey Palmice on his possible trip to purgatory? (3:00)
4. What is Hesh’s actual first name? (Herman)
5. What Emmy-winning actress played Julianna Skiff, the realtor Tony almost gets involved with and Chris eventually starts an affair with in Season Six? (Julianna Margulies)
6. Analogous to the use of oranges symbolizing impending death or danger in The Godfather, what food product presages a number of deaths and misdoings in The Sopranos? (Eggs)
7. Finish Christopher’s quote from the season five episode “Long Term Parking”:

“Where the fuck have you been? You’re late!”
“Sorry, the highway was _____” (nine words) (Jammed with broken heroes on a last-chance powerdrive)
8. What three members of the Aprile family died in the show’s first three seasons, one per season? (Jackie, Richie, Jackie Jr.)
9. After a post-affair rebuking by his cousin’s wife, a film assistant played by Alicia Witt, Christopher refers to her by what derogatory film industry title, also the title of the episode? (“You fucking D-GIRL!”)
10. What 2005 comedy do AJ and Blanca watch on their first date? (The 40 Year Old Virgin)
11. What Oscar-nominated actor played a teacher of AJ’s that Carmela had a brief fling with during her season five separation from Tony? (David Straitharn)
12. What was the name of the horse co-owned by Tony and Ralphie in season four, whose demise is one of the main reasons behind Tony whacking Ralph? (Pie O My)
13. In the third-season episode Second Opinion, Junior insists on being treated by a certain doctor because he has what prestigious name? (Dr. John Kennedy)
14. What’s the name of the rock club owned by Adrianna and used by Christopher to conduct drug deals and other shady business? (The Crazy Horse)
15. What dehabilitating medical condition cuts short Silvio’s possible family coup during Tony’s sixth-season hospitalization? (Athsma)
16. What actor does Tony constantly refer to in his therapy sessions as wishing he could be more like, “the strong, silent type”? (Gary Cooper)
17. What’s the name of the lame dude Meadow gets engaged to in season five, disappearing without explanation in between the two halves of season six? (Finn Detrollo)
18. What is Paulie’s food-related nickname, related to a the contents of a truck he once hijacked, thought by Paulie to be full of electronics? (Walnuts)
19. What’s the name of the British band that does the show’s classic theme song, “Woke Up This Morning”? (Alabama 3, or A3 for us USers)
20. What is the three-word title to the show’s final episode? (Made in America)

3 Responses to “TEST YOUR MIGHT! Quiz #3: Punk Goes to the Movies”

  1. Mitchell Stirling said

    D’oh, I just noticed I missed that question in my entry. I’m pretty sure I read about the eggs at the same place you did!

  2. Bonnie H. said

    Damn. I only know #2, #6, and #10 :/.

    I still can’t think of anything silly to request since I “won” the first quiz.

    How did you like “Falling Down”?

  3. Chris Argento said

    I emailed Andrew about this, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make a comment. I think that eggs is only one of two possible answers, the other being orange juice. Tony was carrying OJ before the attempted hit in season one, Carmine Lupertazzi was the only one at the table drinking OJ before he had his stroke (everyone else had water), and Tony was drinking it before going to see Uncle Junior in “Members Only”.

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