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TEST YOUR MIGHT! Quiz #2: The Sopranos

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on August 10, 2007

Pop quiz, hotshot

First of all, congrats to Bonnie H. and her winning performance on last week’s Spoken Word lyrics quiz. What she wins, if anything, is still yet to be determined, but if she has a particular request, the full services of Intensities in Ten Suburbs are at her services. The answers, for those of you that are still curious, will be at the end of this blog post, but before that, we have the questions to quiz #2, this time for possible the most regularly blogged-about show here at IITS, the recently departed Sopranos. Be warned, some of the questions tend to be geared towards the obsessive, but honestly, is there any other sort of Sops fan?

E-mail me your answers at And for the record, no, the questions are not swiped from the trivia game pictured above. And spoiler alerts, obviously.

1. A group of what type of animal shows up in Tony’s backyard in the series premiere, the departure of which arguably triggers his first panic attack?

2. Dr. Melfi’s own personal therapist, Dr. Eliot Kupferberg, is played by what filmmaker, best known for his 70s work?

3. What time of day does Christopher tell Paulie he was given as a message from Brendan Filone and Mikey Palmice on his possible trip to purgatory?

4. What is Hesh’s actual first name?

5. What Emmy-winning actress played Julianna Skiff, the realtor Tony almost gets involved with and Chris eventually starts an affair with in Season Six?

6. Analogous to the use of oranges symbolizing impending death or danger in The Godfather, what food product presages a number of deaths and misdoings in The Sopranos?

7. Finish Christopher’s quote from the season five episode “Long Term Parking”:

“Where the fuck have you been? You’re late!”
“Sorry, the highway was _____” (nine words)

8. What three members of the Aprile family died in the show’s first three seasons, one per season?

9. After a post-affair rebuking by his cousin’s wife, a film assistant played by Alicia Witt, Christopher refers to her by what derogatory film industry title, also the title of the episode?

10. What 2005 comedy do AJ and Blanca watch on their first date?

11. What Oscar-nominated actor played a teacher of AJ’s that Carmela had a brief fling with during her season five separation from Tony?

12. What was the name of the horse co-owned by Tony and Ralphie in season four, whose demise is one of the main reasons behind Tony whacking Ralph?

13. In the third-season episode Second Opinion, Junior insists on being treated by a certain doctor because he has what prestigious name?

14. What’s the name of the rock club owned by Adrianna and used by Christopher to conduct drug deals and other shady business?

15. What dehabilitating medical condition cuts short Silvio’s possible family coup during Tony’s sixth-season hospitalization?

16. What actor does Tony constantly refer to in his therapy sessions as wishing he could be more like, “the strong, silent type”?

17. What’s the name of the lame dude Meadow gets engaged to in season five, disappearing without explanation in between the two halves of season six?

18. What is Paulie’s food-related nickname, related to a the contents of a truck he once hijacked, thought by Paulie to be full of electronics?

19. What’s the name of the British band that does the show’s classic theme song, “Woke Up This Morning”?

20. What is the three-word title to the show’s final episode?


And now, the answers to last week’s quiz:

1. “Yeah, we’re runnin’ a little hot tonight…I can barely see the road from the heat comin’ off of it…Ah, you reach down, between my legs….ease the seat back…” (’84) (Van Halen’s “Panama”)

2. “You can do anything you set your mind to, man.” (’02) (Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”)

3. “I’m not about to go and cheat on you, just like you did…But baby, that’s all right, hah, I love you anyway. And I’m still gonna be with you until my dying day. Right now, I’m just in so much pain, ‘coz you just won’t come back to me, will you? Just come back to me!” (’92) (Boyz II Men, the kings of the mid-song monologue, “End of the Road”)

4. “And this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. To tell you, the woman I love, that I’m about to have a baby, by a woman I barely even know. I hope you can accept the fact that I’m man enough to tell you this, and hopefully you’ll give me another chance. This ain’t about my career. This ain’t about my life. It’s about us. Please…” (’04) (Usher’s “Confessions, Pt. 2”)

5. “Now, usually, I don’t do this, but, uh…gonna go ‘head and break ‘em off a little preview of the remix…” (’03) (R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”)

6. “Like I always say…what’s good for the goose…is always good for the gander.” (’85) (Ready for the World’s “Oh Sheila”)

7. “When the doctor told me I was gonna, um…I was gonna have a metal plate in my chin…I said, ‘Doc, don’t you realize I’ll never make it on the plane now? It’s bad enough I got all this jewelry on.’” (’03) (Kanye West’s “Through the Wire”)

8. “Now come on, what was I supposed to do? He was out of town, and his two friends were sooooooo fiiiiiiiiine……” (’96) (Los Del Rio’s “Maccarena”)

9. “You know what I’m saying? I got every dog in the neighborhood breaking my door down. I got Spuds MacKenzie…Alex from Stroh’s…” (’89) (Tone-Loc’s “Funky Cold Medina”)

10. “Honey, check it–tell your friends…to get with my friends…and we could be friends. Honey, shit, we could do this every weekend! A’ight? Is that a’ight wit you? Yeah…keep bangin.’…” (’94) (The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa”)

11. “Get crazy with the cheese wiz!” (’94) (Beck’s “Loser”)

12. “C’mon girls! Do you believe in love? ‘Coz I got something to say about it! And it goes something like this…” (’89) (Madonna’s “Express Yourself”)

13. “C’mere baby…you know you drive me up the wall, the way you make good on all the nasty tricks you pull…seems like we’re making up more than we’re making love. And it always seems you got someone on your mind other than me.” (’93) (Aeromsith’s “Crazy”)

14. “Hey now ladies…we’re gonna break this thing down for just a few seconds. Now don’t have me break this thing down for nothing! I wanna see y’all on y’all baddest beahvior! Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor!” (’03) (OutKast’s “Hey Ya!”)

15. “Good heavens, Mrs. Yakamoto–you’re beautiful!” (’82) (Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science”)

16. “Ring the bell, school’s back in, sucka!” (’90) (MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”)

17. “Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand…Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize your neighborhood…” (’82) (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”)

18. “Wooh, yes sir. I give to the needy…and not the greedy. Uh-huh, that’s right. “Coz you see, baby…when you’re lying…YOU’RE LOSING! AND I’M OUT THE DOOR!” (’92) (En Vogue’s “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”)

19. “All right…I got something to say! Yeah, it’s better to burn out…than fade away!” (’83) (Def Leppard’s “Rock of Ages”–not quite Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My” and the year is wrong for that anyway)

20. “You know, I used to dream about this, when I was a little boy. I never thought it would end up this way…DRUMS!” (’02) (Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You”)

3 Responses to “TEST YOUR MIGHT! Quiz #2: The Sopranos”

  1. Bonnie said

    Yay! I’m kind of ridiculously excited and proud of myself :D.

  2. Mitchell Stirling said

    I’m I allowed to do this or not?

  3. Bonnie H. said

    Hi. Me again. I was just thinking… I don’t have any “particular requests” to make :). Being mentioned is a pretty cool thing in itself, so I’m happy enough now :D.

    I just wish I could’ve at least attempted the Sopranos quiz. Alas, I could not… I’ve probably watched less than ten Sopranos episodes, and I hardly remember them.

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