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Charts on Fire: 06-14-07

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on June 14, 2007

Week tres for Rihanna & Jay-z at pole position, with Shop Boyz’ “Party Like a Rockstar” now also having occupied the runner-up slot for that long. In fact the whole top five is the same as last weeks (3-5 rounded out by T-Pain, Fergie and Maroon 5, respectively), but we have two semi-exciting noobs in the next five–The Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” (does anyone else dig this song? C’mon, no judgement at Intensities in Ten Suburbs, let your pussy flag fly) is up ten to #6, and Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” (fresh off her super-uncomfortable MTV Movie Awards Performance) is up 38 to #10. I don’t know if I can quite call it as Summer Jam ’07 yet, but it’s at least this year’s “Crazy,” a totally left-field hit that nonetheless seems to be well-liked by just about everyone.

Most notable elsewhere in the top 50 is the stunning re-entry of Lil’ Mama’s “Lip Gloss” at #12 this week (previously had peaked in the 90s–was wondering what was taking this song so long). I dig it, mostly because I dig songs about oddly specific subject matter (and no, “Lip Gloss” isn’t a metaphor for anything, chick just really likes her lips glossy), though I could see it getting grating real quick. Besides that, T-Pain and Akon are jumping 75 with the fairly awful “Bartender” (the two must appear on 30 top 40 hits between them this year, #22), UNK is up 14 with the similarly execrable “2 Step” (#24), Hannah Montana a.k.a. Miley Cyrus gets her first top 40 hit with the #28 debut of “Nobody’s Perfect” (one more and she’s got more than Dad Billy Ray) and Down a.k.a. Kilo’s “Lean Like a Cholo” is up 12 (finally got a chance to listen…pretty much what I’d expected, though with “What a Fool Believes”-like synths, #38).

Aside from Hannah and Mama, the highest entry on the chart this week is the #88 debut of Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive,” from her much ballyhooed Good Girl Gone Bad album, which debuts at #3 on the album charts this week. It’s not bad–sounds like the song Britney Spears should be doing about now if she wasn’t too busy being batshit insane. Rodeny Atkins also appears at #94 with “These Are My People,” (country dudes still love being country dudes, go figure), Hurricane Chris has a #95 debut for “A Bay Bay,” a surefire contender for stupidest single of 2007, and AI season five castaway Kellie Pickler manages to squeeze a #100 hit out of her deadly “I Wonder“–like I’ve said before, no one TV show should have this much influence.

T-Pain narrowly beats out Rihanna for the #1 album this week with his Epiphany (yeah, we all remember when we first discovered how awesome the vocoder was too, T-P), selling about 180k. Paul McCartney gets to #3 for his Memory Almost Full, which I’ve had an urge to listen to for some reason, despite never having listened to a single other Macca solo album. Anyone know if it’s worth it?


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  2. Katie said

    Dude Umbrella is totally the summer jam, being gun-shy on calling this one just makes you look out of step with the American public

  3. Scott said

    At least that Plain White T’s song isn’t as bad as their other one.

    The chorus goes: “Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like you. (I really don’t like you).”
    It’s shit-tastic.

  4. Mitchell Stirling said

    According to the mid-weeks in the UK, Icky Thump will knock Umbrella from the top spot this weekend.

  5. Mitchell Stirling said

    It faltered at #2. And yes the Macca album is actually quite good.

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