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Charts on Fire: 05-31-07

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on May 31, 2007

Riding an assload of digital downloads in its first week available on iTunes, Rihanna and Jay-Z’s “Umbrella” (or as it will forever be known, “Umberellah, Eh Eh Eh”) catapults 40 spots to the top of the charts. Shooting up right behind it is Shop Boyz’s “Party Like a Rockstar,” up 49 from last week, now officially kicking Freak Nasty’s ass. Fergie (21-8) and Kelly Clarkson (17-9) are gunning for the top as well, and JT is up 9-6 this week, one of the most fluid top tens we’ve seen in some time now.

Two Idol debuts make up the hot shots this week, with Jordin Sparks’s “This is My Now” bowing at #15 and Blake Lewis’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” at #18. T.I.’s relatively solid “Big Shit Poppin’ (Do It)” bows at #30, and Lil’ Boosie’s awful “Wipe Me Down” moves up 28 to #42. We also have a top 50 noob providing perhaps 2007’s best artist and title combination thusfar, Down A.K.A. Kilo’s “Lean Like a Cholo” (wish I had listened to it in time to make a pithy comment about it–next week, promise). Pretty much nothing else of note goes on in the chart’s top half.

In the bottom half, Smashing Pumpkins get their highest chart entry in almost a decade with the #54 debut of “Tarantula” (also rockets to #6 on the MR charts this week, where Linkin Park is #1 for like the 28th week). I heard it on the radio the other day and I was sort of pleasantly surprised–they’ve always been a pretty solid singles band, though, even in the dirths of their Machina days. And Gwen Stefani has a new song, “4 in the Morning,” at #76–like a less interesting “Sweet Escape,” and by less interesting I mean with no “WOOOO-OOOOH, YEEEEE-OOOOH!!!”s. Meh.

Maroon 5 have a #1 album this week, which sells a fair amount of copies. Good for them.


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