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Charts on Fire: 05-24-07

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on May 24, 2007

M5 flip with T-Pain back to #1 this week, its third week on top. Liking this song more and more, good to see it return to its ascension. Boring top ten otherwise, with some large gains from so whats Daughtry (13-5), Carrie Underwood (11-8, making “Before He Cheats” the single to take the longest to ever get to the top ten–38 weeks, not bad) and Justin Timberlake (14-9). Do we have anything even resembling a Summer Jam prospect yet? Not in this top ten, certainly.

Lower in the top 40, some movement from Fall Out Boy (24-14), Fergie (41-21), and Plain White T’s (37-27), as well as an album sales-assisted rebound for Linkin Park (23-12), who have the best numbers in years with a 600k or so first week for their third LP Minutes to Midnight. Some new ons to the low end of the top 50 this week with Tank’s “Please Don’t Go” (also sales assisted, 64-42), Freak Nasty’s “Do It Just Like a Rock Star” (was this really just a hit because people accidentally downloading it thinking it was some other song? And why can I find it nowhere? 56-45), and Big & Rich’s “Lost in This Moment” (63-49), as well as a Hot Shot debut from Enrique Iglesias’s “Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)” (I guess everyone else remembers it from the same thing I do, #33).

Only a pair of debuts (listed on the website, anyway) in the chart’s bottom 50. One is a re-entry from Amy Winehouse, whose “Rehab” reaches a new peak at #72–I gotta say, I would never have guessed this woman to reach mainstream popularity, but she looks well on her way to outdo the would be-crossovers of Lily Allen and Lady Sov. I guess people dig the tattoos. The other is from the Billboard-claimed “ sensation” Colbie Caillat, “Bubbly” (sounds kinda nice actually–for one listen, anyway,. Sort of like a 00s Lisa Loeb, #91).

That’s about it. Smashing Pumpkins have a new song at #30 in the MR charts.

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