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Charts on Fire: 05-17-07

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on May 17, 2007

The 2nd least explicable single to hit #1 this year, T-Pain and Young Joc’s “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” replaces Maroon 5 at the top spot this week, predictably bringing the winning streak of quality-ish #1s (“Give it To Me,” “Girlfriend,” “Makes Me Wonder”) decidedly to an end. People still really, really like vocoder I guess (meanwhile, he’s ruining it for the rest of us–I’ll never listen to Zapp & Roger the same way once this dude is done). It’s also notable for marking the second single this year to brag about having “money in the bank” in a non-sequitur lyric. Sort of interesting, I guess.

Bone Thugz n Harmony (f/ Akon), Huey and Pink are the gainers in the top ten this week, moving 9-6, 11-7 and 16-10 respectively (none thrill me much, though the Bone Thugz single at least evokes pleasant memories). Lower, Daughtry and Timberlake continue their slow climbs (19-13, 18-14), Fall Out Boy start to take off with “Thanks fr the Mmrs” (a fourth top ten single? 38-24), and DJ Khaled and Plain White T’s start to set pace (35-30, 41-37–hope to see both getting at least ten or so higher).

Three new ons to the top 50, besides Fergie coming back with “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (51-41). The first two are pretty exciting–a hot shot debut for 50 Cent’s comeback single “Straight to the Bank,” probably the best thing he’s done since “P.I.M.P.” (fake british laughing = always a plus, #32) and some long-overdue heat from Rihanna and Jay-Z’s “Umberlla” (possibly the best song on the subject since The Hollies’ “Bus Stop,” 52-44). The third is no slouch either, though–Lifehouse takes their shot at three-hit wonder status with their 00s equivalent of AM Gold, “First Time” (more reminiscent of “Hanging By a Moment” than “You and Me,” luckily, #48). Cool stuff, all around.

In the bottom half, we got a couple debuts from new Timbo protege Bobby Valentino with “Anonymous” (can the team-up produce the next “Icebox” or “My Love”? Not really feeling it yet, #52), as well as the long-awaited return from Ryde or Die chick Eve, with comeback single “Tambourine” (seems like a lifetime since she was conceivable as a popular artist, but this is still impressively hot, #72). R. Kelly and Usher’s “Same Girl” also peeks out its head for the first time at #79, hopefully a harbinger of a great chart run to come.

Michael Buble has the #1 album this week, and Nine Inch Nails have a song using the Schaffel beat burning up the modern rock charts. Besides that, life is more or less as it should be.

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