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Charts on Fire: 04-26-07

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 26, 2007

“I think about you all the time / you’re so addictive”

Lordy. Avril claims her rightful throne as the motherfuckin’ princess this week, as her insta-classic “Girlfriend” ascends to the #1 spot, unseating Timbaland’s “Give it to Me” (and making for one of the best 1-2 combos the chart’s seen in quite some time). This marks Avril’s first ever #1 (previous best was #2 for “Complicated”), and the first pure pop song to top the charts in ages. In addition, Avril’s new album, The Best Damn Thing, enters the charts at #1. Anyone know if it’s any good? AMG sure seems to like it.

Lower in the top ten, there are advancers from T-Pain (7-5) and Bone Thugz n Harmony f/ Akon (35-7), the latter of which gives the Senegalese sensation three top ten hits this week, thus making him the most popular possible child molester in the country. Pink also gets her first top ten hit in what I assume is probably a couple of years with the fairly awful “U + Ur Hand” (11-9). Just outside the top ten this week is Carrie Underwood’s “Before She Cheats” (15-11), which after a whopping 34 weeks on the charts looks finally poised to break the Billboard front page. She’s got moxie, I’ll give her that.

Elswehere, big gains for Huey (23-15), Daughtry (31-23), Lloyd (36-27), DJ Khaled (45-36) and Ne-Yo (47-39). Handful of new entries to the top 50, with Martina McBride’s “Anyway” (starts out like “All By Myself” but quickly gets inspirational, too bad, 64-32), Justin Timberlake’s “Summer Love” (feel like there must be songs left from FS/LS stronger than this, 74-34) and Rascal Flatts’ “Stand” (I think a country cover of the R.E.M. song might’ve been cool, but fuck it, 54-50). In addition, Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” is the highest debut on the chart, landing at #41 (keeps getting closer and closer to genuine humanity, you’ll get there one day Fergie).

In the bottom half of the chart, Bucky Covington becomes like the 7th contestant in the last month from last year’s Idol to chart some forgettable single (this one sounds more like Tim McGraw than Live, at least) with “A Different World” (#63), and some dudes name the Party Boys come up with “Party Like a Rock Star” (don’t remember how this one goes yet, #80). Top debut on the hip-hop charts is T.I.’s highly acceptable “Big Shit Poppin‘” (#39), unfortunately the two new ons to the Modern Rock top twenty (RHCP’s “Hump de Bump” and The Used’s “The Bird and the Worm“) are among the worst songs of the year/decade/post-punk era. Gotta compensate for “Lazy Eye” somehow cracking the top five, I suppose. Oh, and Ozzy’s got a pretty all right new song, “I Don’t Wanna Stop,” at #5 on the Mainstream Rock charts this week. Every year this guy stays alive, I figure someone must be losing a bet.

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