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That Guy Salute: Busy Phillips

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 17, 2007

An actress who gets biz-zay: Consistently, and thoroughly

Last week’s fine episode of “Entourage” reminded me of one of my all-time favorite fourth-tier actresses. Phillips played a dog lover getting macked on by Turtle, who throws him into a moral dilemma when she starts talking shit about Turtle’s dog Arnold (ultimately, Turtle chooses to defend the dog’s honor, much to the chagrin of Drama, who loses his shot at nailing Phillips’s friend). Bummer, though I’m sure the guys made up for it over Spring Break (while poor E had to endure an extended weekend of no sex with a pissed-off Sloan in Aspen or something).

Anwyay, it’s the kind of role Phillips always plays–the moderately, but concievably, hot party girl with an intimidating and easily brought out mean streak. Phillips has played this type, to varying degrees of success, in various roles which would make you smack your head and go “Oh, right! THAT chick.” This includes Audrey, Pacey’s occasionally alcoholic (and compared to the roster of other girls Pacey somehow managed to bed, not quite as impressive) girlfriend on “Dawson’s Creek,” one of the titular caucasian females in White Chicks, and the lead role in goddamnit-should-be-a-cult-classic-by-now female revenge flick The Smokers. Apparently, she also wrote the story on which Blades of Glory is based, though having yet to see it I’m not sure if that’s a positive or negative.

But all of this–the looks, the acting chops, the repertoire–is ultimately irrelevant when discussing Phillips’s legacy. The one, and essentially only, thing you really need to know about Phillips is this:

Her name is Busy Phillips.

That’s right. I don’t know how whoever happened to brand Philips as such got “Busy” out of the first names Elisabeth Jean, but bravo to them on such a gutsy, appropriate and ultimately rewarding choice. I can’t think of a single celebrity name that I prefer off the top of my head–it just rolls of the tongue, sounding at once sexy, aggressive and hopelessly fucking lame. It makes me seriously hope that the girl eventually graduates to big league status, or at least a role in some legitimate indies or something. I think if I ever heard the phrase “Academy Award Nominee Busy Phillips” uttered by anyone, all other humor would be completely dead to me.

Apparently, Phillips was also in a 2001 TV Movie entitled “Spring Break Lawyer.” How that never managed to take off is beyond me.

3 Responses to “That Guy Salute: Busy Phillips”

  1. john said


  2. Victor said

    Smokers sucked.

    Hot chicks to nudity/explicit lesbianism ratio completely skewed.

  3. allie & andi said

    We went to high school with this pansy ass bitch. She went to special-ed PE and refused to do push ups because she thought it would make her shoulders look big. She should never have gone beyond Dawson’s creek.

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