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Flim New York: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 15, 2007

So you thought that you might like to go to the show

I felt a certain obligation to see Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters the weekend it came out in theaters. I’ve written before on this blog about my problems with the latest season, but for at least two years, the show was one of my very favorites, and I probably have more episodes memorized front to back (or close enough) than of any other show since The Simpsons. Moreover, part of me definitely wanted to believe that the reason the last season had been so lackluster was because they’d saved all their good ideas for the movie–at least that was the go-to excuse for the show’s defenders.

Not like I really need to tell you, but this definitely wasn’t the case. ATHFCMFFT starts out impressively (and somewhat misleadingly) hilarious, with a parody of “let’s all go to the lobby” type ads that I refused to believe was actually a part of the movie until the heavy metal food band showed up and the lead singer headbutted the hot dog. This leads into an equally funny pre-credit bit that actually sort of explains (key words: sort of) the show’s credits sequence, with the three escaping from the pyramids in ancient egypt, and Abraham Lincoln strapping the three to a wooden rocket and blasting them off into space for some reason. It’s ridiculous, but it’s actually one of the more logical things that happens in the movie, and definitely one of the funniest.

From there, it’s just about anyone’s game. The plot very, very loosely involves the Aqua Teens building some super-exercise machine that goes insane and ends up (maybe?) trying to take over the earth, while the roommates try to uncover the mystery of where they come from (or at least Frylock tries to, kind of). Along the way they run into pretty much all of the show’s regular antagonists–the Moononites, the Plutonians, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, Dr. Weird and Steve, even a brief cameo from attic-dwelling onion man Willie Nelson (though no Frat Aliens, I’m very sorry to say). There are even some new friends, in the forms of Walter Melon, the watermelon slice who carries around a mini Neil Peart (yeah, that Neil Peart) who brings people back to life with his magic drum solos, and the Much Fabled by No One 4th Aqua Teen, the Bruce Campbell voiced Chicken Bittle. Good times are had by all.

Ultimately, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters is exactly what you’d expect. The show’s creators said that the movie would be about “an origin story that unfolds in a very ‘Aqua Teen’ way,” and that description really couldn’t be more accurate. Frylock comes to several revelations about his and his roommates’ origins, but none of them make any sense and all are undercut by a further twist five minutes further into the story. Ultimately it turns out (spoiler alert, maybe, possibly) that Walter Melon created the Aqua Teens, that Frylock is Dr. Weird’s dad but is actually a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, and that the Teens’ mother is a big-breasted bean burrito voiced by Tina Fey. Really, though, the whole thing is basically just an excuse for reapated usage of the intro to Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight.” Fair enough.

Even though there are sporadic laughs throught ATHFCMFFT, it’s basically just an episode of the show stretched to 96 minutes in length, and considering most of the recent episodes ran out of steam six or seven minutes through as is (and that the movie doesn’t keep it up for much longer than that), it’s kind of a wonder that this movie ever got greenlit in the first place. At the very least, the movie’s probably the most surreal and disorienting thing I’ve ever seen in theaters, and for at least a half hour after the movie was over I was unable to have a logical converstaion with any of the people I saw the movie with without thinking something was horribly strange or wrong. Bizarre stuff.

Or, as one of my friends straightforwardly put it, “There was absolutely no reason for that movie to have been made.” Yeah, pretty much.


8 Responses to “Flim New York: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters”

  1. […] Original post by Andrew Unterberger […]

  2. […] Original post by Andrew Unterberger   […]

  3. And yet, this makes me want to see it very much.

  4. Sonja said

    I know that this is something that I will be unwillingly dragged to, and I know that you’re going to have something to do with that unwilling dragging.

    I might bring knitting.

  5. […] Original post by Andrew Unterberger […]

  6. Andrew Unterberger said

    “And yet, this makes me want to see it very much.”

    This is the exact reaction that I would have had if I was reading this post, I imagine. Trust me, it doesn’t quite translate.

    Nevertheless, maybe you should see it anyway ‘coz it’s important or something.

  7. Anton said

    Have you ever seen ATHFCMFFT?

    Have you ever seen ATHFCMFFT on weed???

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