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Adventures with Audacity: “The Connection is Made”

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 13, 2007

Watch out, Go Home Productions

Thanks to the good people at the Sound Opinions Message Board for unwittingly turning me on to Audacity, a super-fine mp3 editing service that I’ve been playing with for the last day. Now, I’ve been craving something like this that I could fuck around with for some time, but it seemed like every program I downloaded either needed some protection code I didn’t have, or had some pointless fee attached to it, or just didn’t work right. But now, I have finally found the right digital scissors & paste I need to do things like isolate the intro to Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s “Fire” (‘coz let’s face it, the rest of the song–kind of underwhelming in comparison).

My second project of last evening was slightly more ambitious and considerably more time-consuming–I think it took maybe 6-7 hours total–but was probably even more gleeful. It’s a labor of love, certainly–whenever I can smell spring or summer coming up, my music listening almost reflexively regresses to 90s nostalgia, namely for the 90s alternative rock I cut my teeth on. This sensation has previously led me to design my four-disc ’92-’95 alt-rock mix What the World Needs Now in 2004 (which I’m actually still sort of proud of, though I must’ve really been hurting for material for disc four if I deigned The Connells’ “Slackjawed” worthy of inclusion), as well as Whatever, Dude, my seven-disc response mix to Rhino’s heartbreakingly lackluster seven-disc 90s set in 2005 (also pretty good, though a bit more of a mixed bag, and it turns out that I wasn’t quite ready to revisit The Vengaboys’ “We Like to Party” quite yet). I’m not sure what I did in 2006, I think I just listened to a bunch of Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. albums.

Anyway, in this same spirit, I present to you the first fruits of my Audacity labors–The Connection is Made.” It’s a rough assemblage of the intros to 35 of my favorite hits from the Alternative Nation, borne out of my attempt to prove that the intros to “Possum Kingdom” and “Santa Monica” would sound nifty mixed together. It’s kind of like a 90s alternative “Intro/Inspection,” except without all the cool beatmatching, layering, creativity and skill. You know how it is. Parts of it I’m kind of proud, though, even if there are definitely rough patches and transitions I couldn’t quite nail as well as I hoped I could. Could’ve done worse for a first time out.

For you alt-90s experts out there, see if you can name all 35 tracks–most are exceedingly obvious, but one or two might be kind of tricky. Get ’em all, and I owe you a coke, or at least front-row seats at the inevitable first DJ Stoopendous gig. Damn, I hope no one else has taken that name yet.

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