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Charts on Fire: 04-05-07

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 5, 2007

For the second time in four months or so, Akon has the top two spots in the country, putting him in league I think with only The Beatles, The Bee Gees and maybe Boyz II Men. Spot #2 belongs to his guest appearance on Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape,” a new peak for the single apparently attributable to the two performing the song on American Idol recently. Why can’t Friday Night Lights have this kind of chart clout?

Elsewhere in the top ten, HOT ONES “Cupid’s Chokehold” and “Throw Some D’s” do some slipping, dropping 5-7 and 8-11 respectively, which does luckily make room for “Girlfriend,” which repeats its previous peak at #5. Lower in the charts, we got a big mover from Tim McGraw’s new album, “Last Dollar (Fly Away)” (not bad for the Timster’s highest non-Nelly charter, 81-13), and some other big gains from T-Pain (24-14), Carrie Underwood (26-22 and 39-37) and Ciara (31-25).

Whole bunch of debuts to the top 50, though, courtesy of Huey’s “Pop, Lock & Drop It” (52-39), Timbaland’s “Give it To Me” (Can’t wait to see how Shock Value performs, 51-42), Hillary Duff’s “With Love” (When exactly did Ms. Duff start listening to Daft Punk’s Discovery, exactly? 54-43), Bow Wow’s “Outta My System” (53-44) and Hinder’s “Better Than Me” (I guess even Firehouse managed a second hit, 58-50). We also have a chart debut courtesy of Brad Paisley’s “Ticks” (these crazy country kids, #40). Got a whole bunch of debuts to the lower half of the charts as well, but only feels like telling me about two of ’em, DJ Khaled’s most excellent new single (featuring about twice as many people as “Holla At Me“) “We Takin’ Over” (#75) and Rob Thomas’s Meet the Robinsons soundtrack contribution, “Little Wonders” (#78).

Not much of note on the album charts–a #1 debut from Tim McGraw, which obviously explains much of his rapid ascension up the singles charts. Two new ons to the Modern Rock charts I find worth discussing, however–AFI’s “The Missing Frame” (#18), which follows up on the arena-rock leanings of some of the band’s previous hits and sends it into full-on U2 territory, putting the song in a dead heat with Angels and Airwaves’ “The War” for most anthemic modern rock hit of 2007. And unexpectedly, there’s Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” (#16), which had a tough act to follow in their mean-spirited and incredibly stupid first hit “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)”–oh man, what a title–but much to my surprise, does a great deal in redeeming the band’s worth, a jarringly sweet and heartfelt accoustic ballad which looks well on its way to becoming the “Anna Begins” of the MySpace era.

One Response to “Charts on Fire: 04-05-07”

  1. joe said

    Akon should switch to house music.

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