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Comic Relief: Achewood on Depression

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on April 3, 2007

Some things about comic strips arenít not worth remembering

I don’t know much about internet comics. In fact, aside from the countless hours I spent reading Penny Arcade over the shoulders of my more gamer-inclined friends during library breaks in high school, and the even further countless hours I spent in hysterics over the first couple Teen Girl Squad Strongbad e-mails (which I guess technically count), I don’t know shit about them. Oh, and that indie-focused low-resolution one from a while back (Diesel Sweeties?) was all right too I guess.

Anyway, consequently, the only parts I usually see of Achewood are from comics referenced, linked to, and used as avatars by various other webboards. But based on the amount of times these boarders reference, link to and use Achewood for avatars, I can only conclude that it must be the most popular and influential web comic of all-time. And based on my brother’s oft-quoted (by him, anyway) theory that you should know at least three things about every topic, and will thus be able to carry on a conversation about anything for at least a couple of minutes, I should probably have checked it out long ago.

Still, these numerous shout-outs did not sway me into becoming a regular reader, until someone in a Hipinion thread finally linked to this strip:


One Response to “Comic Relief: Achewood on Depression”

  1. Victor said

    I don’t get it.

    It’s no Lockhorns

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