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Charts on Fire: 03-29-07

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on March 29, 2007

Ridiculous. Akon replaces Fergie on the top of pop charts this week with “Don’t Matter,” now tying her streak of two #1s and a #2 off the same album, and somewhat incredulously, his three are far worse than Fergie’s. The real chart story of the week has to be Beyonce & Shakira’s “Beautiful Liar,” however, which after its first week of being available for download on iTunes, shoots from 94 all the way up to #3, the biggest gain in the history of the chart. I dig it more than I thought it would–a surprisingly successful blend of the two’s styles, and far more original and compelling than “Upgrade U” or “Whatever the Last Spanish Shakira Song That I Didn’t Pay Attention To Was” were.

HOT ONES “Girlfriend” and “Throw Some D’s” inch around the bottom half of the top ten (7 and 8, respectively), while “Cupid’s Chokehold” slips 4-5. Lots of small gainers elsewhere in the top 40 this week, including Diddy (15-12) R. Kelly / Bow Wow (20-17), Young Jeezy (23-18), Pink (29-19), T-Pain (32-24), and Carrie Underwood (30-26 with “Before He Cheats” and 41-39 with “Wasted”). The only big shooters this week come courtesy of Katherine McPhee’s “Over It” (apparently featured on The Hills this week, 49-29), Ciara’s “Like a Boy” (44-31) and Crime Mob’s “Rock Yo Hips” (now officially way bigger than “Knuck if You Buck,” 56-37). And there’s a debut in the top half this week, AC crooner Michael Buble’s “Everything” at #46. Can’t find it on soulseek but don’t have particularly high expectations.

Bunch of new ones in the bottom half this week. American Idol’s season six third-place finalist Elliot Yamin debuts with first single “Wait for You” (does this mean it’s gonna be even bigger than Daughtry? #67), Big & Rich’s surprisingly hip-hop and braggadocio free “Lost in This Moment” (Pazz & Jop voters are gonna be devestated, #72), Joss Stone’s latest soul dreck “Tell Me ‘Bout It” (funkier than the last couple at least, #83), Pink’s surprisingly tame “Who Knew?” (all pop songs sound like “Since U Been Gone” now and this is mostly a good thing, #95) and Emerson Drive’s thoroughly unimpressive “Moments” (four megabytes that I’ll never get back, at least until I delete it, #97).

On the album charts, history has sort of been made as Modest Mouse goes one better than indie rock brethren The Shins and The Arcade Fire and debuts smack on the top of the pop charts with about 127k sold. I haven’t listened to the album yet, as new single “Dashboard” (#5 on the Modern Rock charts this week) was ridiculously disappointing and I still think Good News for People Who Love Bad News was the worst album they made since their debut. Elsewhere on the MR charts, Jared Leto has for better or worse officially left Jordan Catelano behind, as band 30 Seconds to Mars have the #1 single of the week with the fairly respectable “From Yesterday” (helped by the only video ever to be filmed entirely in China or something).

James Murphy misses out on his dream to have an album in the top 40, though, as LCD follow-up effort Sound of Silver lands at #46. So close. Album’s possibly a classic though, more on that later.


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