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OMGWTFLOL: Kal Penn’s Latest Gig

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on March 28, 2007

Life can be pretty strange sometimes.

Apparently Indian-American sensation Kal Penn is sick of the millions of dollars and thousands of teenage groupies he gets for his blockbuster hit comedies, and has decided to turn his attention back to more scholarly pursuits. The star of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj is going back to school, serving as a visiting professor for two university classes, “Images of Asian Americans in the Media,” and “Contemporary American Teen Films.” Now, a story about this guy:

teaching anyone anything about anything really doesn’t need a punchline, but the story has one anyway–Penn will be teaching these courses at, you guessed it–Penn university.

Now whether Penn’s landing of this gig has any direct correlation to his sharing the unviersity’s name is unknown (and, to be fair, it’s not his real name, which is actually Kalpen Suresh Modi). But you gotta figure it certainly didn’t hurt his chances. And hopefully this could be the start of a trend–I could definitely see other universities taking Penn’s lead on this one (why miss such a good doubly-advantageous promo opportunity anyway?) Some dream examples:

  • Patty Duke teaching Gender Studies and Sexuality at Duke
  • Jim Brown teaching Molecular Physics at Brown (too late for James Brown to teach American History, unfortunately)
  • Wendy O. Williams teaching Deconstructive Art at Williams
  • Elizabeth Berkley teaching Comp Lit at Berkley
  • Robert Smith teaching 19th Century Interprative Dance at Smith

Vertical integration, people.

4 Responses to “OMGWTFLOL: Kal Penn’s Latest Gig”

  1. Victor said

    Unfortunately Wendy O. Williams has been dead for nearly a decade, so I guess it’s Barry Williams teaching Childhood Psychology at Williams.

  2. Or Robin Williams.

  3. […] frat film superstar and Ivy League professor Kal Penn is a man far too complicated and multi-faceted to be summed up by any one image. Rather, it […]

  4. Me said

    He’s better in House.

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