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Commercial Break: Those Intrusive V-Cast Ads

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on March 18, 2007

There are two types of TV ads currenlty pissing me off more than any other–the kind of irritation that must be expressed whenever I encounter them, regardless of how uninteresting my complaining is to whoever I’m watching with. One are those ads where people reprimand an unseen receiver for being lazy and ineffectual and it turns out to be a broom or a vacuum or something (I know I’m not alone in this one, but how anyone deemed this concept tv-ready is profoundly disturbing). The other are those ridiculous fucking V-Cast commercials.

You know the ones–some random stranger approaches the camera, claiming (or at least purporting) to be friends with whoever the camera’s perspective is supposed to be represent, and gives the camera headphones so it can listen to the song currently blowing their mind on their V-Cast phone. After a few seconds of rocking out, so the camera sees how into the music they are, they get interrupted and are forced to take back their headphones and leave, merely tantalizing the camera with a taste of the greater pleasures that lie ahead with ownership of the mp3-playing phone.

Several things about these commercials upset me. The first is that I don’t believe for a second that the person behind the camera has a clue who this random person is that’s giving them his headphones for some reason, and since when is it acceptable to assault strangers with your mediocre taste in pop music? Speaking of which, why are these people so excited about the possibility of being able to spread the word of these pop songs they are evidently enamored with–have they not heard of commercial radio? Besides, raido fan or no, who the hell gets so excited at the prospect of sharing Fergie and Justin Timberlake songs with others?

But the worst thing about these commercials are the few seconds in between the forcing of the headphones and the inevitable awkward interruption, where the person demonstrates their love for these songs by rocking out on their own while the camera listens. These people clearly have no idea how to physically respond to music, so you get some chick swaying awkwardly to (Keith Urban, was it? Some country singer) in a coffee shop and some extremely tense-looking guy stiflfy twitching to Fall Out Boy iin a gym–if these people are really trying to convince you of the awesomeness of the songs on their V-Cast, I’m cetainly not convinced. And I doubt camera guy is either.

We don’t need this. We’re going to hear these songs quite enough already without random dudes forcing us to listen to seven-second snippets of them on their headphones.

4 Responses to “Commercial Break: Those Intrusive V-Cast Ads”

  1. Joe said

    That guy in the gym was such a douche. Is he supposed to be a personal trainer? He was spotting that guy on the weightbench and then just left him there to go talk to the camera. I was expecting that to develop into some kind of cruel sight gag at the expense of the guy trying to benchpress something far beyond his capabilities, but then there was no payoff. Which would have been cynically predictable anyway, I guess.

  2. Anton said

    Long gone are the days of Sears Air-conditioning ads. Unless those still come back during the summer occasionally?

    One good place to look for funny commercials is public access. Barry Feinstein, attorney at law. I didn’t know people could make commercials like that unironically. It was like a for-real version of the open credits to the Colbert Report.


  3. Sonja said

    I’m both impressed and disappointed that the Welches commercials didn’t make this.

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