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For the Love of God: No More Using That Rogue Wave Song on TV / What Garden State Hath Wrought

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on March 11, 2007

Some matters require divine intervention

Just Friends, I think, is well on its way to becoming one of the great 00s cult comedies. Upon its release a few years ago, I, like I’m sure everyone else with a remote claim to intelligence did, dismissed the movie as one of a disturbingly increasing number of Guy/Girl in a Fat Suit comedies, and more or less swore that I would never see it. I retained this skepticism when my brother told me it was maybe the funniest movie he had ever seen, and though I didn’t find that to be anywhere close to the case with me, it was definitely a surprisingly hilarious (and occasionally touching) movie–broad, sure, but laugh-worthy nonetheless. More and more, I think, people are coming around to this movie–everyone I know who’s seen it shares my reaction–“yeah, the ads looked awful, but I was surprised with how funny it was.” So yeah, get ahead of the trend maybe and check it out.

Just Friends is also the first place that I heard Rogue Wave’s “Eyes” be used over an emotionally-wraught montage sequence. I think it was when one of the many scenes in which Ryan Reynolds is deliberating whether to go back to his life as a LA hotshot or go back home and try to win over ex-flame Amy Smart just one more time. It was a pretty effective soundtrack choice–the song definitely has a hometown-y, wistful feel to it, and the whole contemplatively romantic lyric thing going. It’s a song that seems like it was expressly invented for the purposes of soundtracking emotionally-wraught montage sequences. Maybe it was.

Apparently, though, at least a couple TV producers were big Just Friends fans too (or maybe they actually listened to Rogue Wave’s most excellent 2005 LP Descended Like Vultures, but I find that harder to believe), because “Eyes” has been popping up all over the place now. I recently heard it in an HBO upcoming movies ad, about a month ago it was used in an episode of Friday Night Lights, and earlier this season, it won the TV equivalent of the Martin Scorsese Award for Repetitive Soundtracking when it was used in two different episodes of Heroes (and I could swear that in one of those episodes, it was used twice). It’s a good song, mind you, perhaps even bordering on a great one, but enough already.

The market for wimpy, weepy indie-pop songs has never been higher, and the blame for this can be placed squarely on Garden State. This is the movie, of course, that unleashed possibly the two biggest wimpy, weepy indie-pop songs to ever be expressly invented for the purposes of soundtracking emotionally-wraught montage sequences–The Shins’ “New Slang” and Iron & Wine’s “Such Great Heights.” The O.C. definitely helped push it along, but honestly, who even remembers what kind of songs directors used to use for such scenes before Zach Braff came along? Now anything else would be almost unthinkable.

And that’s cool–wimpy, weepy indie-pop songs have as much of a right to our TV airspace as any other type of music, I suppose. But let’s give this particular one a rest for a while, huh? Give Devin Davis some love or something.

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