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100 Years, 100 Songs: #100. Andrew W.K. – “Party Hard”

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on March 2, 2007

“When it’s time to party we will party hard”

I really couldn’t think of a better song to kick off my top 100 with than this. In fact, the words “kick off” could probably be used to sum up the entirety of Andrew W.K. It’s entirely arguable that no performer in the history of pop music has ever been as single-minded in his subject matter as AWK, and “Party Hard” is his most focused anthem ever–if Andrew W.K. is the God of party music, then “Party Hard” is His Ten Commandments, or at least his Commandments 1-8 (“We Want Fun” and “She is Beautiful” being #9 and #10).

“Party Hard” is a song about Partying Hard. So successful was “Party Hard” at being about partying hard, that Andrew W.K. was able to parlay the song into a public persona that far outlived his music in the pop culture subconscious, getting to host MTV’s Most Controversial Videos, getting a highly memorable guest spot on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and even getting his own T.V. show for a while, the regrettably short-lived MTV spot Your Friend Andrew W.K. (in which people wrote in to the show asking for AWK to come over and help them with the groceries, or teach their kids how to fish, or help them rob a bank or something).AWK was always more than willing to comply, because that’s who he was. He was your friend, Andrew W.K. And he liked to party.

The song begins as it ends, middles, solos and bridges–“when it’s time to party we will party hard”–then a minor fill, and we’re off. Andrew W.K. is not a man who believes in build-ups, or really in dynamics in general–the one direction on AWK sheet music would be “PLAY LOUD,” and no one would ever dare attempt to conduct it. Mixed with every instrument at full rocking potential, “Party Hard” always sounds twice as loud as it should regardless of what volume it’s played at. Instruments are totally interchangable–W.K.’s band is infamous for it’s four-guitar attack (two lead, two bass), which basically just functions so that guitar lines sound four times louder than they normally would. Brilliant.

The verses to this song (“YOU! YOU WORK ALL NIGHT! AND WHEN YOU WORK YOU DON’T FEEL ALL RIGHT!”) are fairly incidental, in between the first “YOU!” and the first pre-chorus at least. One chrous wouldn’t be nearly enough for “Party Hard,” so the pre-chorus chorus is almost as memorable–“WE WILL NEVER LISTEN TO YOUR RULES! / NO! / WE WILL NEVER DO THE THINGS YOU DO / NO! / WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT, AND WE’LL GET FROM YOU! / WE DO WHAT WE LIKE, AND WE LIKE WHAT WE DO!” Already raising the ante to us vs. them, party vs. not-party stakes, AWK flawlessly sets up the lay-up for the chorus to bring it home.

And bring it home, the chorus does. The guitars go into overdrive, AWK’s voiced is mutli-tracked to the point of sounding like a one-man army, and the one-chord piano riff sounds like the keys are going to get pounded through the instrument. “SO LET’S GET A PARTY GOING / LET’S GET A PARTY GOING / NOWIT’STIMETOPARTYANDWE’LLPARTYHARD / PARTY HARD! / LET’S GET A PARTY GOING / LET’S GET A PARTY GOING / WHENIT’STIMETOPARTY WEWILLALWAYSPARTYHARD!!!!” The rest of the song sounds vague and restrained by comparison–it’s the aural equivalent of willfully smashing your face with a brick. In a good way.

It couldn’t last, and it didn’t. Supposedly his new album, Close Calls and Brick Walls, is pretty awesome, and the one song I have from it (“Pushing Drugs“) definitely helps to support this claim, but realistically, AWK has about as good a chance at a commercial or critical comeback as The Darkness–an 00s rock relic if there ever was one. Still,Andrew W.K.’s songs will be eternally remembered for their ability to reduce all of music to a simple Q and A format.

Q: Is this song about partying hard?

A: Yes. Yes it is.

As such, “Party Hard” is one of the greatest songs of all time.


5 Responses to “100 Years, 100 Songs: #100. Andrew W.K. – “Party Hard””

  1. Mitchell Stirling said


    That’s an excellent start.


    Also, I Get Wet is the best album to exercise to in all of Western Civilization.

  3. Garret said

    His new album rules so hard.

    Fun fact: If I could be any musician/rock star guy, I would be Andrew W.K. Goddamnit.

  4. buyxanax said

  5. Justin said

    This is probably the greatest song no one acknowledges is great ever. However, I better see the Darkness on here later, as I Believe in a Thing Called Love is the greatest song everybody knows is great ever.

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