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TV O.D. : Highlights From The Oscars

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on February 26, 2007

So The Oscars happened last night. Some movies won awards, some didn’t. Other movies won some awards and lost others. More importantly, the Awards were, in my opinion, more watchable than they’d been in years. Host Ellen Degeneres was on and off–her opening bit mostly fell flat, but her audience interaction stuff was all right–but the in-between award bits, the montages and musical numbers and such, were mostly pretty entertaining. Here were three of the best parts:

The Intro: A salute to “The Nominees,” as directed and assembled by famed documentarian Errol Morris. Apparently something of a sequel piece to his 2002 Oscar intro piece, the four-minute short features extremely brief (often no more than a second or two) interviews with all 177 Oscar Nominees in attendance this year. Cleverly assembled and breezily edited, the piece is a nice tribute to the bittersweet (and often repetitious) honor of only being nominated for an Oscar, with many of the highlights belonging to complete unknowns (“So you have failed to win an Oscar eight times?” one is asked. “No, I’ve failed seven times,” he responds. “This will be my eighth.”) Top honors still go to Eddie Murphy though, who merely stares contemptuously at the camera. “But you’re funny doing that!” the man behind the camera insists. “Really?” he asks, dejectedly.

“A Comedian at the Oscars”: It seems like every year at the Oscars, the Frat Pack gets thrown one honorary segment to sort of acknowledge their existence, ‘coz God knows they’re not gonna get it through nominations. This is of course the main joke of “A Comedian at the Oscars,” which sees Will Ferrell and Jack Black do a stirring musical number bemoaning this exclusion and threatening to take on the nominees in fisticuffs, only to be interrupted by John C. Reilley (a nominee himself for Chicago), who calms the duo by insisting that you can do “both Boogie and Talladega Nights.” The highlight, besides the numerous Helen Mirren come-ons, is during the call-out section, in which actors like Ryan Gosling and Leonardo Dicaprio are told to get in the ring. “MARK WHALBERG!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?” Ferrell calls out. “I won’t mess with you, you’re actually kind of badass. Once again, I hope we’re cool–you are very talented.”

“Elements & Motion”: The most interesting (and thankfully shortest) musical interlude The Oscars has produced in a while. A vocal choir is conducted (like, actually conducted, with a baton and everything) as they make their way through mimicing dozens of popular sound effects, from wind to helicopter blades to creaky doors and such. Watching a dude lead an entire choir in this pursuit as if they were performing gospel hymns is the sort of surreal experimentation you’d more expect from a Frank Zappa concept video than a major awards show. Cool.

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