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Take Five: “Throw Some D’s”

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on February 21, 2007

A representative sample of the latest wonders rocking The Good Dr.ís world and plaguing his mind.

As you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of Rich Boy’s breakout single, “Throw Some D’s.” It just has that feel of an instant hip-hop classic to it, the way Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’” felt last year or Three 6 Mafia’s “Stay Fly” did the year before. And like those two songs, “Throw Some D’s” has already spun off a number of remixes and alternative versions, with more experienced rappers feeding off the energy of Palow dan Don’s supremely masterful beat. Here are some of the more interesting examples:

Throw Some D’s (Kanye West Freestyle): Kanye West tries his hand at the beat, reinventing the song as an ode to the female form (“Throw some D’s on that bitch”–ya see?). It doesn’t always work, but Kanye should know by how to ride a jubilant, string-heavy soul sample better than anyone, and he does a pretty damn good job at it. Some pointless lyrics about popping breasts with a needle at the end almost ruin the good times, but it’s definitely worth a listen regardless.

Throw Some D’s (Remix featuring Rick Ross & The Game): This remix takes out the chorus (“I got the beam on that tip,” Rick Ross substitutes, whatever that means), which is sort of unfortunate, but it’s still a compelling listen, mostly thanks to The Game’s verse, which sounds as at home here as it did over the similarly blissful, life-affirming groove of his ’05 hit, “Hate it or Love It“.

Throw Some D’s (Lil’ Jon Remix featuring Jim Jones, The Game, Andre 3000 & the St. Lunatics): Maybe the best of the remixes, most likely due to Lil’ Jon’s actually tweaking the beat a bit–it’s subtle, but it adds a nice new texture to the production–and the opening verse from Andre 3000, whose increasingly spare raps are always a pleasant surprise on remixes like this. Who knows what the St. Lunatics have been up to in the last five years, but even their brattiness is unexpectedly welcome here.

Throw Some D’s (Remix f/ Lil’ Wayne): This remix is the closest to the original, just substituting a Lil’ Wayne verse for Rich Boy’s opening, but since people can’t seem to get enough of Lil’ Wayne these days, I figured it was worth inclusion. It’s not his strongest verse, but it’s still worth hearing the “best rapper alive” work over a beat this smooth.

I Call Your Name (Switch Original): Not a remix of “Throw Some D’s,” but rather the 1980 soul original that the main hook in the song is sampled from, even the “I used to think about immatoor things” spoken word intro. It’s a pretty solid number in its own right (and it only dwells on that hook for about half a minute), with the musical sophistication of a Prince ballad and the innocence and simplicity of a New Edition ballad. Definitely the last piece of the puzzle for appreciating the Rich Boy song’s greatness.

2 Responses to “Take Five: “Throw Some D’s””

  1. Erick said

    Go to some time when the page isn’t down and listen to “Just Got My Report Card” for another interpretation of the same.

  2. Abel said

    a bad job

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