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Charts on Fire: 02-08-06

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on February 8, 2007

Week #10 for Beyonce on top. Now tied with “Gold Digger” for longest #1 since Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” dominated the summer of ’06 for fourteen weeks. Nelly Furtado (3-2) switches places with Fall Out Boy, who either get to the top next week with the release of Infinity on High, or miss the prize altogether. Here’s hoping. New to the top ten are Lloyd’s “You” (11-9) and Unk’s “Walk it Out” (17-10–who the hell is still listening to this song?)

Good news for Helloogoodbye (19-14) and The Gym Class Heroes (28-15) this week, who now officially have the two most unexpected smash hits of 2007. Other big movers this week are Robin Thicke (37-28) and Nickelback (38-32, dear lord make it stop). Whole bunch of new ons to the top half of the countdown this week, at least, including latest from ridiculously unlikely cultural force Akon (57-30 for “Don’t Matter,” when did this asshole get so popular??), Fergie’s surprisngly non-demented “Glamorous” (51-31), T.I.’s third meh single from the supposedly great King, “Top Back” (54-46) the Rihanna and Sean Paul duet “Break it Off,” (52-45) and official Good Dr. HOT ONE “Throw Some D’s,” finally breaking into the mainstream (59-49). New to the list are Jonas Brothers’ “Year 3000” at #40 (never heard it and can’t find it on Soulseek, so if you’ve heard it let me know how it is) and Katherine McPhee’s first post-Idol single “Over It” at #47.

Other debuts to the top 100 week include Modest Mouse’s “Dashboard” (#59, now officially a bigger hit than “Float On,” LOL). You’ve also got Vanessa Hudgens’ “Say OK” at #67, Jack Ingram’s cover of “Lips of an Angel” (#77, YES!!!), weirdo UK pop sensation Mika’s bizarro “Grace Kelly” (#81–how did this guy hit the pop charts before the Scissor Sisters???), Norah Jones’ “Thinking About You” (#82, also got #1 on the album charts this week) and the Naked Brothers Band’s “Crazy Car” (#83–I gotta hear this).

Not much else going on this week. Breaking Benjamin have a new song.


One Response to “Charts on Fire: 02-08-06”

  1. Erick said

    I already got chided by you-can-probably-guess-who after I refered to “Throw Some Ds” as a 2007 single.

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