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Commercial Break: Above The Influence’s Silent, Third-Grade Animated Ads

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on January 23, 2007

So maybe you’ve seen one of these five ads recently on TV–a silent, exceedingly crudely animated scene between a man and his girlfriend, or more commonly, his dog. The anti-pot morality tale plays out in a surreal and (semi-ironically, but possibly intentionally) druggy way, soundtracked by a variety of inappropriate-sounding instrumental pieces, and at the end, one of the commercial’s characters raises a flag, referred to on as their “flag of independence.”

Here’s how the five break down:

“Walk Yourself”: Indie rock plays in the background. A man smoking a joint asks his dog “can’t you just walk yourself?” The dog replies “you disappoint me,” walks out of the room, and raises his flag of independence.

“Try Football”: Bleepy accoustic rock plays in the background. A man walking his dog talks to a guy who says that he “smokes pot to impress girls.” The man replies, “try football.” He and his dog raise their flag of independence.

“Not Again”: Soft piano music plays in the background. A man lights up a joint, causing his girlfriend to remark, “not again”. An alien spaceship lands, and an alien gets out. The man offers him a hit, but the alien declines, saying “no thanks”. This impresses the girlfriend, who leaves the man to fly away in the alien spaceship, where she and the alien raise their flag of independence.

“Stop Looking At Me”: Atonal ambient music plays in the background. A man smoking a joint tells his dog to “stop looking at me…I can quit any time I want to.” The dog challenges him, “OK, how about now?” The man weakly responds “next week is better.” The dog echoes his “you disappoint me” sentiment from “Walk Yourself,” and leaves the room to raise his flag of independence.

“I Feel Bad“: Bouncy folk music plays in the background. A man smoking a joint tells his dog that he feels bad about smoking, but would feel less bad if the dog smoked with him (?) The dog turns and leaves, prompting the man to call out “don’t walk away–I need you.” The dog raises his flag of independence.

Needless to say, it’s hard to know exactly what the ATI people are going for here. Draw your own conclusions on this one.

22 Responses to “Commercial Break: Above The Influence’s Silent, Third-Grade Animated Ads”

  1. Joe said

    I’d never seen any of these before. Wow.

  2. Liam said

    whats the indie song playing in the background of the one where the guys wants to stop smoking pot next week and then the dog goes you dissapoint me.

  3. michelle said

    those commercials are stupid. smoking pot is fine

  4. tish said

    i like the commercials. i am not anti pot or anything. i dated a pothead that constantly disappointed me wit broken promises and procrastination.

    just like the dog!!!

  5. jonathan said

    yeah.. i’m from wisconsin and those adds have been playing constantly. i actually got high tonight and looked for who designed them, as they suck so badly.

    long story short i’m dissapointed more money isn’t spent on anti-alcohol or meth/coke initiatives, seeing as how that’s where most of the killing/prostituting/real bad stuff goes on.

    it’s kind of disheartening.

  6. Sarah said

    i think those commercials rock. i am relly big on people not smoking pot or not smoking at all and smoking pot is not fine you are killing yourself and everyone around you. people like that make me sick and there isn’t that many ways to convince people not to smoke and in doing these commercials it is really(or at least hopefully)starting to help.

  7. Sarah said

    oh and by the way you need to turn that sign ay the top of the page around and be above the influence

  8. KaptainKrunch said

    Marijuana is best because it is not a drug.. It’s a plant.

    So you can’t overdose on weed and you cannot get addicted as much as you can with cigarettes.

    Cigarettes is worse than Marijuana.

    The worst that you could possibly have is MJ lined with other stuff like cocaine.

  9. KillerX5 said

    WTF is the song in the “not again” and the “Stop looking at me” commercial. its so intoxicating and i really want to know!!!!

  10. yooyooyoo said

    “Marijuana is best because it is not a drug.. Itís a plant.”

    are you retarded or something? where do you think cocaine comes from? where do you think heroin comes from?

    your really dumb

  11. fgdfgfdg said

    “are you retarded or something? where do you think cocaine comes from? where do you think heroin comes from?”

    are YOU retarted or something? don’t you know that those are derivatives of plants, whereas marijuana is indeed – an actual plant. The poppy and coca plants are actually relatively harmless in their natural states.

    And when calling someone dumb you might want to make sure you’re using the proper ‘your’

  12. cocainsahellofadrug said

    its so true why dont they spend money to tell dangers of others like cigarettes which are worse for you i think its beacause they wanna just get everyone to look at pot like scape goat it or something i go around everyday hearing instead of kids smoking pot they aare smoking cigarettes which cause cancer i have never heard of pot giving you cancer they need to put more time like funding education instead of just making fun of something when used properly can be harmless to everyone and yea meth and others are the ones that end up with dead prostitutes beacause i dont know about you but i never seen a pothead with good enough lungs to chase and kill somone and yea heroin cocain and meth are as they say made in somebodys downstairs ever seen a meth explosion yeah thats a big explosion of hazerdus wast plus if you didnt know the goverment used to make drugs for people sigmund freud was a cocain user and lsd was manufactured like in the 50’s or something and was legal till 74 or something the goverment are the ones killing us with other drugs while pots safe so i say to anti-pot people if you dont wanna use it dont use it but dont push your bull on us stop picking on the little guy and acting like a sheep do as your ad says be indiependent and yeah i know i cant spell or write periods dont correct me and be an ass you can tell mostly what im saying

  13. jonas said

    are you retarded or something? where do you think cocaine comes from? where do you think heroin comes from?

    YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT, nuff said…

    i just want to know who plays the song in “i feel bad” its AMAZING!! these commecials r some of the best ive ever seen

  14. The MIA said

    These commercials really do defeat their purpose because you almost have to be stoned to watch them. And watching them you know that either a toddler, or a stoner created them. Now I wonder, which is the artist?

    On a side note, I love the catchy little tunes and I really do believe that Charlie Campbell is wasting his talent on TV commercials.

  15. RVNALPVFR4 said


  16. Really nice post – thanx for sharing

  17. ladj said

    hese commercials make me want to do more drugs!

  18. HEATHER said

    dude really though? i bet all the bitches on NO SMOKING POT have never even done it. ever.
    its fine. its people like you that need pot the most take a hit, and chill the fuck out jeaz.

  19. nick said

    The person quitting smoking a plant from a fucking government funded commercial is absolutely ignorant.

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