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TV O.D. / Listeria: The Top Ten Funniest Moments in Last Night’s Episode of The Office

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on January 19, 2007

Might just be because I was just coming out of a nap when it came on (and anything is twice as funny when you’re half-asleep), but last night’s Office, “The Return,” had me laughing harder than anything I’ve seen this TV season. Highlights:

10. “What was the name of the sportscaster that bit that lady? Marv something? Andy is like Marv something. Great sportscaster…big weirdo creep.”

9. Andy’s new ringtone.

“Is that you singing?”
“All four parts!”

8. “How would I describe myself? In three words: Hard working, alpha male…jackhammer…….merciless, insatiable…”

7. The “Up Where We Belong”-style music playing over the loudspeaker when Michael surprises Dwight at Staples

6.”Where is my FREAKIN’ PHONE???!??!?!”
“You know what? Maybe it’s in the ceiling.”
“You know what? Maybe YOU’RE in the ceiling!!”
” …OK.”

5.”Hey Ryan, do you wanna pull a prank on Andy?”
“Not right now…but ask me again ten years ago.”
“…I liked you better as the Temp.”
” (Sighs) Me too.”

4.”So, uh, where were you working before this?”
“What kind of company is that?”
“(Scoffs) Huh…paper company?!? It’s only one of Staples’ top competitors in the area.”
“Well, I never heard of em.”
“(Scoffs) Oh, really…have you heard of paper?”

“…So it’s gon’ be like that, huh?”

3. “It is a big loss. Dwight was the top salesman.”
Was the top salesman.”
“I said was.”

2.”Oscar, would you like to join the party planning committee?”
“The one with all the women? Because I’m gay?”
“No, no!! Certain events have…transpired…and I have thought about…certain things…and I’m sorry for the way those…certain events transpired…and I would just like to make some changes about…certain things…and certain situations…WITH CERTAIN ACCOUNTANTS!!!”
“–OK, OK, I’ll join, I’d love to…”



2 Responses to “TV O.D. / Listeria: The Top Ten Funniest Moments in Last Night’s Episode of The Office”

  1. How the hell did I not know you had a blog? This is fantastic.

    And so was this episode. I laughed so hard I nearly cried.

  2. […] Ed Helms as Andy Bernard. A worthy adversary to Dwight, a believable occasional-psycho and a hilarious rehabilitee, Bernard made the proceedings at the Stamford branch the highlights of the early episodes (”I’m going to kill you. IN REAL LIFE”) and added a much-needed spark to mid-season Dunder Mifflin. His performance in “The Return,” the season’s best episode, alone should merit him at least a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Emmy. […]

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