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Commercial Break: Chips Ahoy’s “Don’t You Want Me”

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on January 19, 2007

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Chips Ahoy commercials have always annoyed me somewhat. I tend to dislike talking food products in general, and ones whose creators don’t seem to realize that animation has advanced at all since the heydays of the California Raisins are even worse. Overly precious and severely short on jokes (besides your standard, predictable “OH NOEZ PEOPLE WANT TO EAT US” moans), these talking cookies make for some of the worst advertising spokescharacters in recent memory.

Still, until this commercial, they at least tended to make sense. In case you haven’t seen it (and can’t be bothered to check the YouTube), it involves four of the poorly-animated desserts driving down the highway, singing along to The Human League’s synth-pop classic “Don’t You Want Me” while one by one, a sourceless hand picks them off, most likely to eat them. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about The Human League being used in commercials, even if the commercial uses the standard practice of just playing a loop of the song’s chorus, which was the worst part of ”Don’t You Want Me” to begin with. But I don’t get what the point of it is–the cookies are unwillingly tempting the hand of the consumer to grab and eat them by innocently singing along with an 80s pop hit, oh the irony? And where is this hand coming from? And what, do chocolate chip cookies not believe in seatbelts now??

Coming soon: Chef Boyardee commercials using “Being Boiled”


2 Responses to “Commercial Break: Chips Ahoy’s “Don’t You Want Me””

  1. Joe said

    My old roommate was a cartoonist and I swear, every character he drew had an annoying face like that cookie does. I wonder if that’s what he’s up to now…

  2. Jeff said

    Where did you get that cookie image?

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