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The Rules

Posted by Andrew Unterberger on January 15, 2007

I’ve put off creating a blog for a long time, mainly because I was afraid of it eventually devolving into a twice-a-month “oh yeah, that thing, I should probably post there more” nuisance or a self-indulgent diary. So with that in mind, I take inspiration (as I do in most matters of extreme importance) from The Transporter and post the three core rules I intend to abide by with this blog.

Rule #1: I will make at least one post to this blog a day. If I ever go two days in a row without posting, or miss more than two days in one month, I will immediately dissolve the blog. This is of course subject to flexibility in the event that I should be somewhere without a computer for more than a day.

Rule #2: I will not post any personal information or reports of my goings on unless it is in some way pop culture related. However, I will allow for the possibility that there should be breaking information so relevant to my life that I can not help but post it here, in which case I will permit myself three posts of personal self-indulgence a year. These will be known as “Meltdown Posts” and will be explicitly labelled as such so they can be avoided by those understandably not interested in such matters.

Rule #3: Never open the package.

-Andrew Unterberger

One Response to “The Rules”

  1. […] In any event, I’m afraid I have to break my post-a-day streak (63 days strong) this week, and in fact I probably won’t be posting here again until at least this Friday. This may seem an egregious violation of Rule #1, but luckily I had the foresight to work in a caveat for “the event that I should be somewhere without a computer for more than a day,” which will almost certainly be from this Tuesday onwards as I am sequestered in the Radison Martinique (I might have internet access, but probably not for extended enough time periods to post up to my standard level of quality). And frankly, even if I did find the time and opportunity to post, my mind is clearly elsewhere–I don’t want to be posting about the top ten Canadians most poised for a Nelly Furtado-type comeback when really all I’m thinking about is trying to get the last 15 winners of the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy straight in my head. Regardless, I feel like for the goals and core principles of Intensities in Ten Suburbs, this is probably the single most acceptable excuse for an extended blog hiatus humanly possible. I hope you understand his, dear readers, and don’t forget about me quite so quickly now. I’ll be back soon enough, with a much-expanded pop culture arsenal to unleash on you all. Wish me luck. […]

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